Lunch that makes the whole office happy

Dig into local and seasonal office lunch from de Buurtboer

At ‘de Buurtboer’-office we believe that a healthy and hearty lunch boosts employee satisfaction, involvement, and productivity. We work together with local suppliers who believe in a sustainable future. Together with our beloved suppliers, we deliver fresh ingredients each workday right into your office. Here you can read more about the positive impact de Buurtboer’s lunch can have at your office.

Why socializing with your coworkers is important

Our delicious and local lunch doesn’t just boost productivity, it also elevates the teamspirit. We believe that getting to know your coworkers is crucial for building involvement and overall employee satisfaction.

A hearty lunch that will sustain you with energy for the rest of your day gives you the chance to get away from your screen, have real conversations, and develop relationships with people you most likely spend 40 hours per week with. Providing company lunch to your team encourages productivity and the mutual teamspirit.

Another benefit of company lunch is pride amongst your employees. Happy employees are more likely to share positive stories about their place of work when it comes to advantages. Automatically, you are building a good brand image for the external world.

Additionally, studies have shown that the retention rate of employees is much higher for companies with employees who feel like they have social relationships with their team.

What’s on the menu?

But how can you reach all these benefits? Well, this is where ‘de Buurtboer’ comes into play. We provide fresh, seasonal office lunches daily. Made with lots of love by our local partners. What can you expect from having lunch with de Buurtboer?

  • crisp, seasonal salads from all around the world;
  • artisanal cheeses;
  • fresh meats;
  • seasonal soups;
  • hearty artisanal bread;
  • organic, homemade spreads.

Order your business lunch today

Are you craving a delicious, fresh and healthy office lunch? Do not hesitate and try out our lunch with a 20% discount for the first two weeks. We have listed the benefits of ‘de Buurtboer’ office lunch below:

from €4,50 per person;
high quality, fresh and local products;
cutting food waste (we deliver the exact amount of lunch you need);
flexibility: make any changes you like with your personal Buurtboer-accountmanager.

Have we managed to work up your appetite? Come into contact with us with the form below, and together we can discuss what kind of lunch makes you truly happy. Dig in!


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